Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Why TikTok Banned in India ? Trick to download official TikTok app from app store ?

TikTok best entertaining app on Google play store of 2018 now has been blocked by Google and Apple App Store for download.

What is tiktok ?

It's a video sharing platform where TikTok allows you to create lipsing, mimicry of bollywood stars and can also show the magic of your voice and acting on this platform but now it has been vanished from play store and apple app store which is very sad news for tiktok creators.

Where and why the demand of ban started ?

Actually it was started in Madras high court while hearing a PIL (public interest litigation) had asked the government to ban the app in India, Stating that it is "Encouraging Pornography". Court also noted that this app is being used by children under 13 which is very risky and can be a target for sexual predators.

Reason of ban doesn't stop here 2 days before the ban a boy shot dead while making tiktok video and many  such accident happened in India within one year.

Indian Government send notices to Google and Apple to ban download of tiktok app in India. and now you can't download it from both app store.

Download official TikTok aap from app store ?

Now, Amazon Appstore is the option in India where you can try downloading the official app of tiktok.

Follow these steps to download the official app in India :-

Step 1 :- Visit official website in you android chorome browser.
Here you will have an option to download from amazon appstore.

Step 2 :- Now, click on amazon app store . Now you will see the official download link of TikTok.
click of get the App and app will be installed in your phone if you have amazon app store otherwise it will take you to the download link of amazon app store.

If you have not downloaded amazon app store clicking on Get the app follow the instructions shown and install the amazon app store and then you will be able to install any banned app in from here officially. 

When Tiktok was not banned in India there was now option of amazon app store available in official website of tiktok. Now tiktok have given the amazon app store link in their official website. Now download the official app and enjoy entertaining real short videos. 

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