Friday, April 19, 2019

How to Customize System tray icons in Windows 10

Show and hide System tray icons in Windows 10

System tray is a tray located in Windows right side of Taskbar , which contains small icons for easy access to system functions such as speaker, printer, network and Internet settings, modem, battery info, graphic card settings and software like screen recorder etc.

In previous windows you could have an option to customize system tray icons in system tray but in Windows 10 you would have to apply some extra efforts to customize it. Follow these easy steps and you would be able to customize it without using any external software. 

Step 1:-  Press "Windows button" and click on "Settings".

Step 2:- Now Click on "Personalization".

Setp 3:- In personalization click on "Taskbar".

Step 4:- In Taskbar now click on " Select which icon appear on the taskbar"

Step 5:- Now you can "On" or "Off" the icons you want to appear on the Taskbar. If you swith On the icon (icon will appear on the Taskbar) and if you switch off the icon, (icon will hide in system tray).

You can do it more easily just right click on the Taskbar and click on Taskbar Settings. Now follow the steps as shown above. 

Still having doubt then there is a video link given below you can watch it.

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