Monday, November 19, 2018

Facebook Login issue

You can't use Facebook at the moment

Facebook's biggest problem people are facing now a days. If you have the same problem then follow the given steps problem will be definitely solved.

Step 1 :-

Link for reporting login issue :-

It will open a page like this :-

Step 2:-

-Enter your email address if asked.

-Enter Description of the issue .

 Description is mandatory so you must input three things:-

 1.What you were doing when problem occurred.
 2.What you expected to happen.
 3.What actually happened.

You can either enter this text or if you have different reason then enter in the description:-

"I was login into my FB account.
 I expected to login.
 But It didn't login and showing a message 'You can't use Facebook at the moment.' "

-Now take the screenshot (Submitting screenshot is optional but if you want quick action then you should submit it.) :-

  • First go to facebook login page and click Print Screen button on keyboard.
  • Press Windows + R.
  • Now it will open a window like this.

  •  Now Type mspaint and hit Enter.
  • It will open Paint.
  • Now Press "Ctrl + V"  or in home menu click on Paste to paste the image taken from print screen button.
  • If you want to corp the image then corp using corp tool or just click on save as button and save the image as .jpg format.
  • Finally go to Repor a Login issue page and click on "Choose Files" .
  • Select the photo and click on open, It will upload the photo.
Now click on send button to submit the login issue.

It will definitely solve your problem in 1 to 2 days mine was solved within 4 hours.

For more detail instruction you can watch the video.

Thank you...

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